API for io - Incanter 1.5.5 (stable)

Full namespace name: incanter.io


Library for reading and writing Incanter datasets and matrices.

Public Variables and Functions


Usage: (read-dataset filename & {:keys [delim keyword-headers quote skip header compress-delim empty-field-value comment-char], :or {delim ,, quote ", skip 0, header false, keyword-headers true}})
Returns a dataset read from a file or a URL.

  :delim (default \,), other options (\tab \space \|  etc)
  :quote (default \") character used for quoting strings
  :skip (default 0) the number of lines to skip at the top of the file.
  :header (default false) indicates the file has a header line
  :compress-delim (default true if delim = \space, false otherwise) means
                  compress multiple adjacent delimiters into a single delimiter.
  :empty-field-value (default nil) indicates the interpretation of an empty field.
  :comment-char (default nil) skip commented lines ("#", "%", ";", etc)

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